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Wondering how to share a document that will not be signed with your signatories ?

Yousign offers the opportunity to add in the procedure some documents which will not be signed but which can be consulted by the signer(s) before they sign. We call these documents attachments.

This can be a commercial booklet, an information leaflet, an annexe or any document you need to be included in the procedure.

How to:

This feature is available at the second of creating a signature request : Add documents

  1. Go to the second step when you create a procedure after adding your signers and maybe your validators.
  2. After all documents has been uploaded (both for signature and attachments), click on mceclip0.pngnext to the  document(s) you want to send as attachment on the left side of your screen.
  3. Finally, set the cursor to Attachment

💡 Visually, a paperclip preceding the document name indicates that is an attachment.


🔸 An attached document will not be signed. No signature block can be placed on it.


To go further:

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