Define an expiration date for my procedure

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Sending documents for an offer only valid until a specific date?  

Want to make sure that signatories will not be able to sign once your procedure expired?


End of signature or expiration date, what it means?

Defining an end of signature for a procedure is setting a date in the tool from which the procedure will expire and therefore can no longer be signed by the signers or validated by the validators.

This date is used to stop the signature process.

This feature is optional, we recommend you not to enter an expiration date if not needed.


Define an expiration date for my procedure

The creation of a signature request is a three-step process:

Step 1: Add members (signers, validators)
Step 2: Add the documents that need to be signed
Step 3: Define procedure settings

Add an expiration date to my procedure is during step 3. 

  1. Go to the Settings when you create a procedure or a template.
  2. Go the first Menu, Managing the procedure
  3. Go to End of Signature field.
  4. Select a date in the calendar


My procedure is over, what's going on?

Once the procedure has expired, signers can no longer sign it.

You can find it again in the Signatures menu and then in the Cancelled section.

You can duplicate the procedure to recreate it with the same information if necessary.


⚠️ The signer is not informed of this expiration date unless if you add the tag provided for this purpose in the Personalisation of notifications.

⚠️ You cannot change or delete an expiration date once the procedure is created.


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