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The Yousign app was designed to allow you to invite one or more people to sign one document or more. This article will show you how to create your first signature request.

To start a new signature request, you just need to click on the "CREATE" button and then select "Create a procedure" from the menu to the left of the app.


The creation of a signature request is a three-step process:

  1. Add members (signers, validators)
  2. Add the documents that need to be signed
  3. Define procedure settings

In the example below, we will invite a fake signatory (Zoé Martin) to sign a document

  • Add members

To add an external signer, just click on Add an external signer and then enter their informations

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • phone (landline or mobile),
  • status (signer or validators)


NB: Ticking the "Save in the contact list" box allows you to save your contacts details so you can  invite them to sign another document later on without having to repeat this step.

In the tutorial, "Zoé Martin" is added to the list of signers.

She will be invited to sign the document electronically, which we will show you in the next step. 

  • Add the documents which need to be signed

This step consists to upload document(s) that the signer needs to sign. The document has to be in a PDF format in order to be uploaded to the app. This can be done as follows:


Once that the document has been uploaded to the platform, you can now place the signature blocks on the document. You need to mark out where the signatures will appear on the document, once the signer has signed the document.

NB: It is possible to add several signature blocks on one or more pages of the document.

  • Procedures' settings :

Once the signer has been added and the document has been imported with the signature block in this document, all you need to do is define the details of the procedure to complete the process:


Signature management 

  • Name of procedure

You’ll need to name your signature request so that it can be easily found on your dashboard.

  • End of the signature

The calendar allows you to list an end date for signatures, allowing you to have an expiry date for the signature process. From this date, signatories can no longer sign the documents.


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