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It is important to easily access your signature requests at each step of their lifecycle. Yousign allows you to navigate to each step using different views:

When you sign in to Yousign, you will land on the "Signatures" dashboard. 



This view split into several distinct views depending on your account rights.

My Signature book

These are signature requests that you must validate or sign (with your Yousign user account). An action is required for all the procedures visible in this section.

In progress

These are your signature requests that are waiting validation or signature by others.


These are your signature requests that have been completed, which means that all validators and signatories (including you) have completed all actions. No further action is required on these signature procedures.


It is possible to add signature requests to your favorites by clicking on the star as shown in the example below:



These are your signature requests that have been refused or that expired. This means that the signature was not successful. You can duplicate these procedures in order to do some changes and resubmit them.


You can find all your signature requests in this folder. It does not apply any filters. You can simply access to one of your procedures using the search engine located at the top right of your screen by specifying the name of a signatory or a document. 
This view is only available for people with the administrator role.

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