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 The mention feature allows you to add pre-filled text that will be automatically affixed to the document upon signature by the appropriate recipient.

These mentions usually contain information such as "read and approved", "good for approval", etc.

This makes it possible to respect certain rules and to avoid the signers having to enter this information when signing.

As the visual signature, mentions are essentially cosmetic, and only help to materialize the consent of the signatory. It is always the electronic signature that has legal value.


How to add a mention

Once you added your documents and placed the signature block, just click the down arrow on the top right corner of the block to reveal a scrolling menu containing the most commons mentions :

  • "Good for agreement"
  • "Read and approved"
  • "Good for acceptance"
  • "Dated {date.en}" (this specific mention use a placeholder that will be automatically replaced with the signature date)


You also have the option to complete or create your own mention. Just click on the top part of the signature block and type your own mention.





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