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Improve the management of your signature procedures by creating custom fields, in the form of lists of values or text fields to be filled in.

These fields can then be associated with a signature procedure. They will allow you to better sort them and improve your research.

For example: create a ‘Types of contracts’ field containing the type of contracts you are required to sign: Employment contract, Commercial contract, Supplier contract.

You will then be able to indicate the type of contract you are in the process of making for each new procedure.

Administration of custom fields:

Only users with an Administrator role can manage custom fields. To do so, simply go to Admin > Custom Fields.

In this view, you will be able to see all the fields associated with your account, create new ones, modify and delete them.

Creation of a custom field:

To create a new field, click on the button at the top of the interface ‘Create a custom field’. The following window will appear:


Here is a description of the available settings:

  • Field name: Name that will be displayed to describe the field.
  • Mandatory: Allows you to define if it is mandatory to complete this field when creating a procedure.
  • Field Description: Allows you to describe the field.
  • Type: There are two types of fields: text fields and list of choice fields.

Types of fields:

  • Text fields:

Free fields where text can be entered using the keyboard.

  • List of choice fields:

Choice lists are drop-down lists with fixed values. You can add values by clicking on the + button. You can select the default value.


How do I add a field on the document to be signed?

As a reminder, a signature procedure is created in 3 steps:

  1. Add signatories
  2. Add documents to be signed
  3. Define the procedure’s settings

We’ll define these fields in the second step.

After adding a document in the signature procedure and placing the visual signature blocks, you can add text fields :

Each text field can be assigned:

  • To the initiator (by default): It is up to the initiator of the procedure to fill in the field when creating the procedure.
  • To the signatory: It is up to the signatory to fill in the field when signing.

You can make the field optional when the text field is assigned to a signatory.

  • Associate a custom field to a procedure or a signature template:

    If you have added custom fields to your account, they will appear in the settings when creating a procedure or procedure template (last step). All you have to do is fill them in.

    If you do not fill in a required field, you will not be able to validate the creation of the procedure.



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