Why an ID can be refused?

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Are you trying to complete and advanced signature, but your ID seems to be invalid?

When downloading your ID, this message can be prompted:


It is necessary to check the following :

Last Name:

If the ID owner got more than two last names, you need to make sure that the names you enter for you signatories match the name they commonly and legally use.

You can easily modify the signatory name by duplicating your procedure, then by clicking Capture_d_e_cran_2020-08-12_a__15.42.23.png on the right of the external signatory.



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 MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) is commonly used in most IDs. It's a series of letters and numbers usually located at the bottom of the identity page.

Any ID with a MRZ field, in ICAO format are accepted:

  • 2 lines of 44 characters (passports)
  • 3 lines of 30 characters
  • 2 lines of 36 characters

For some countries (Belgium, Italy...) this zone will be at the back of the ID. It is necessary that you also download this side. You can scan both sides on same document. 

Finally, some IDs do not have an MRZ and cannot be used. The signatory needs to use another document, like a passport.


Date of expiry :

If the date of your ID is expired, it will not be accepted.


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