Your procedure expired but some of the signatories did not sign it?

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Sometime, signatories take too much time to answer your invitation. Asking yourself what to do if they did not sign before the end of the signature?


  1. Do I need to set up a due date on a procedure?
  2. How to invite missing signatories ?


Do I need to set up a due date on a procedure?

Setting up a due date will always be prompted on the last step of procedure creation, but this feature is optional.

A due date can be really useful if your offer is limited in time, if that is not the case, we recommend that you to leave this field empty.

This way, the procedure will only end until all signatories complete it.


How to invite missing signatories?

If your procedure expired, you can easily invite missing signatories:

You just need to duplicate the procedure, and make sure to delete all signatories who already completed it.

This operation allows you to create an identical procedure without having to start over.

Your documents legal value will not be affected, even if a new procedure was created.


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