Is my electronic signature valid?

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As a preamble to this article, we think it is important to make sure that you are familiar with the concept of electronic signature. If not, we invite you to read our next article: The electronic signature: what is it?

So you understand that the electronic signature:

  • links the signed document to the person who signs it,
  • guarantees the integrity of the document

PDF readers and signature status

PDF readers, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, display a banner at the top of the e-signed document that comments on the status of the signatures.

Here are the messages you may see:



How is the validity of an electronic signature verified?

Regardless of the message displayed, it is important to check yourself:

  • The validity of electronic signatures,
  • compliance with the regulatory environment use in the country concerned by your signature

The regulatory environment

We remind you that the list of qualified actors within the meaning of the eIDAS regulation, on which Yousign appears, is publicly accessible by clicking here. It only mentions the certificates qualified by the ANSSI.

However, the eIDAS Regulation refers two other levels of signature: the simple level and the advanced level.

In this second case, you can find :

The integrity of the document

The beginning of this article reminds you that an electronic signature must at least guarantee the integrity of the document and the identity of the signatory.

In the case where a message giving the validity of a signature is displayed, we invite you to check first that your document has not been modified since it was signed.


No changes have been made since the signature, but a message tells me that at least one signature "has a problem" with an advanced electronic signature. What about it?

Adobe imports EUTL to perform signature status checks. In this context, Adobe is very familiar with Yousign. As a proof, you can find this article:

However, in the case of an advanced electronic signature, the certificate is not a qualified certificate, which explains the message "at least one signature has a problem" so far in the PDF reader. For these reasons, Adobe cannot comment on the validity of the signature.

Nevertheless, if your advanced electronic signature has been made in compliance with our certification policies, we confirm that the signatures made via Yousign are valid and legally recognized.

We hope for positive and upcoming developments with Adobe on this message in accordance with current regulations and we will update this article to help you communicate with your signatories on this subject.

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