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The eIDAS regulation defines 3 levels of electronic signatures: simple, advanced and qualified.

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How do I initiate a signature request that includes an Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES)?

The creation of an electronic signature (at any level) requires:

  • Add one or more members (step 1)
  • Add one or more documents (step 2)

The choice of the signature level is made per signatory in the third step Settings

  1. Below the general parameters and possibly custom fields, click on "+ Options".
  2. Signature Level and Authentication Mode appear.
  3. Enable advanced signature
  4. In this case, you cannot change the authentication mode: The signatory will have to upload his or her ID and then enter the OTP code received by phone.

Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) Signature

To create an advanced electronic signature, the signer confirms his or her signature by uploading a picture or scan of the ID document (the ID must not exceed 5MB) and then entering an OTP code. A check of the ID card is done in particular to ensure the ID is valid and that the signatory's name and last name correspond to the name and surname extracted from the identity card. 


Note: This feature is available from the APP Corporate/Notary & API Ultimate plans.


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