Can I upload an image of my handwritten signature?

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First thing to be aware of is that a visual signature has no legal value with the electronic signature.

Still want to see your own handwritten signature or some kind of stamp on your signed documents for cosmetic purpose?

Let's see how :

  1. Login to your Yousign account
  2. Go to the settings (in the top right-hand corner)
  3. Then in the Signature Image
  4. Import your image from your device
  • ⚠ You must have a Yousign account. This feature is not available for an external signer.
  • 💡 Your image must not exceed 500 Kb.


Select the imported image by clicking on it in order to use it for your next signature. 


When it is time to sign, if you are logged into your Yousign account, your imported image will be automatically suggested.

Otherwise, you will always be able to choose one of those two other options: Text or Draw.


To go further:

Does the visual signature have any legal value?

What happens to the initials with the electronic signature?


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