What happens to the initials with the electronic signature?

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You used to ask your signers to initial each page before signing and wonder what happens to the initials and where to find this feature?

Legal value of the initials

Visual signature and initials images have no legal value. The legal value is provided by a cryptographic, immaterial and invisible process, which is integrated into the PDF document format and guarantees the integrity as well as the identity of the signatory.

Initials are defined as follows: a handwritten sign, usually consisting of the initials of the surname and forenames of the persons who are parties to a contract which they affix to the bottom of each page. The initials have two functions, the first is to ensure that each of the signers has not merely signed the last page but has read the entire act, the second is to avoid the addition or destruction of intermediate pages after the act has been signed.

However, the electronic signature requires the signer to go through the entire document to be signed. Moreover, the electronic signature guarantees the integrity of the document: since the signature is applied to the entire document, not even a single comma in the signed version of the document can be changed without "breaking" the electronic signature.

Therefore, the initials are implicit with the electronic signature. You can simplify your signature process by removing this step without fear.

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